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Blast your way through 25 levels of awesome! After you have completed all..
222 Plays
3 lil Pigs : Home Defense
3 lil pigs defend your home from the bad wolves Tower Defense style!
125 Plays
A Windy Day
Control the wind and fly your paper plane as far away as possible
331 Plays
Days 2 Die
Survive the zombie outbreak, place barricades, buy weapons, hire..
4162 Plays
Impossible 2  Jungle Escape
Impossible is back with round two! Now with 15 levels to play through,..
131 Plays
Max Damage
Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tv's, and microwaves and cause..
168 Plays
Parenting themed word search puzzle. Random word selection from a library..
199 Plays
Turkey Bowl
Celebrate the harvest by knocking over turkeys with rolling apples. A 3D..
138 Plays
Simple Flying game where you have to guide Bumble though the flowers to..
131 Plays
Hard Choices by Tina Connolly
There are struggles inherent in the coming together of two sentient..
160 Plays
Apox Wing
On the 20th of May 2010, the Saudia Ariabian government was overthrown by..
155 Plays
Saber Duel
Saber Duel is a blindfighting game. There are no fancy graphics, no..
154 Plays
Ice 9
A simple puzzle game going on the usual formula of connecting same-color..
145 Plays
zed town
1100 zombies, 45 levels, 15 guns. welcome to Zed Town, where most of the..
150 Plays
If you like scrabble or crossword puzzles, WORDIT is the new game for you!..
125 Plays
Abstracta is a semi-abstract meditative shooter with tons of powerups. The..
144 Plays
Tower Panic!
Tower Panic! is a a fast paced action game in the defense genre. The tower..
154 Plays
All things can get "thingfected" - and only you can save..
127 Plays
Square Bounce
Use the left and right arrow keys to move your little stickman. Help him..
172 Plays
Smiley Blocks Unstacker
Puzzle block game. Survive and don't let the blocks fill up the screen.
137 Plays
Terrain Defense
Play 4 different maps in this tower defense and submit your high scores!
143 Plays
Sheep Cliff Jump X Treme
How far can you jump off a cliff? The rules are simple. Just click the..
228 Plays
Elite Forces: Warfare
War is not easy craft. Try Overwhelm enemy using towers, units and..
172 Plays
Elite Forces: Clone Wars
Your mission in this strategy is to send swarms of clones to overcome the..
296 Plays
Become a millionaire buying and selling real estates. Make click in the..
183 Plays
Help little Splitty gather the Sacred Fire and save the universe from the..
176 Plays
Highway Roundabout
Fly and avoid the blocks. (Instructions inside the game)
135 Plays
Fly your Biplane through barns and collect stars! WASD or arrow keys to..
27319 Plays
This is a fairly accurate depiction of intraday trading of a single..
186 Plays
SteerWheels 2
A fun physics based game where you have to push a yellow ball to the..
266 Plays

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