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Casual Collision Presents: Tower of Greed
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Your goal is to escape the infamous Tower of Greed, while collecting as many valuable gems as possible. There is an exit on every 5th floor, so you may choose when and where you wish to exit with your wealth. Will greed consume you?

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logan668 says:
Tuesday, 07/27/10 @ 12:55pm

hi grels

LUKE666 says:
Thursday, 09/17/09 @ 03:20am

lol max

jeanpier says:
Tuesday, 08/25/09 @ 14:24pm

Very good game, I loved!

jasonwalzmusic says:
Friday, 08/21/09 @ 20:38pm

LOVE this game!

max says:
Sunday, 08/2/09 @ 22:52pm

This is great. I'm to greedy though to ever let myself stop lol.